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For us, 'Being Green' is about doing the right thing.


So What Makes us GREEN?


It is reflected in what we do and do NOT do. 
Quiet and Quality rooms with full amenities makes our B&B special, but we are also proud to make this available while running the B&B with a full negative footprint of energy use and extremely limited CO2 emissions. We produce all of our energy needs for all of our electric use, complete heating and cooling of the B&B on site with a 100KW solar panel array. The farm soil underneath is used as pasture for our sheep so it does double duty.


Our green philosophy is carried on further in our laundry polices to limit water use;
 Lighting and A/C automation and use of modern low energy bulbs to limit energy use;
Energy efficient laundry appliances;

Outside around the house we severely limit the use of insecticides especially in the yards to protect our own drinking water and our animals exposure. Our yard is mowed less frequent and sheep will do the mowing for us where possible minimizing in-efficient gasoline powered mowers as much as possible. 
For getting our groceries and B&B supplies we use fuel efficient vehicles.

Of course almost everything is recycled or re-used.




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